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Amazon, Space X In Space Race—Cash Is The King

Back in 2018, Amazon had showcased its interest to design constellation of orbital satellites which would provide high speed internet connectivity. One of the spokesperson of Amazon had stated that these satellites will provide low cost internet service to people and mainly focus on those who get slow or no internet connectivity. Amazon had named its initiative as Project Kuiper.

At present, Amazon is hiring 77 employees who can work on its Project Kuiper. Moreover, Amazon is trying hard to start the project as soon as possible so that it can serve great number of people. Amazon has also set up an LLC for its present project under the name of Kuiper Systems in Washington.

According to the filings which are made by Amazon, the Company is planning to release near about 3,236 satellites around the earth’s orbit. Though in one of the statements released by Amazon their initiative will provide internet connectivity to million people around the globe, but according to news channels the figure can be far more. One of the news channels reported that due to the present endeavor undertaken by Amazon more than 90% of the global population can get broadband service.

Apart from Amazon, there are various other companies who have showcased interest to undertake similar project. Iridium has placed near about 75 satellites in the earth’s orbit for fast internet services. They have named their satellites as NEXT. OneWeb as well as SpaceX is also working to accomplish similar task and they are planning to deploy near about 12000 satellites around the earth’s orbit.

With respect to various other companies Amazon still has sufficient amount of cash inflow to complete their Project Kuiper with par excellence. SpaceX isn’t as profitable as Amazon; the company is relying on the success of Starlink Constellation so that it can cash in high revenue in the future. According to one report Amazon has earned $20.8 billion cash flow during last year. This amount is twice of what SpaceX is willing to spend on its Starlink Constellation Project.