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Amazing End To The Story Of A Woman Supposed To Have Brain Cancer

During 2018, doctors started to do scans on Rachel Palma and they stated that she is suffering from cancer. While speaking to the press, Rachel Palma said that during that time her right hand wasn’t in co-ordination to the rest of her body and she wasn’t able to hold things properly. Palma also said that she also suffered from hallucinations and felt disoriented all the time.

While having further conversation with the press Rachel Palma said that during that time everything seemed to her a bit different. She also said that during that time it was literally impossible for her to distinguish between things.

After January 2018, symptoms of Rachel Palma escalated and she had to visit emergency room on several occasions. She also said that the doctors used to run a check for internal bleeding in her brain and discharged her when the result came negative. Back then doctors told Rachel that if she doesn’t perceive any internal bleeding in her brain then she is perfectly okay.

On one of her brain scans a physicist saw a lesion on her left brain’s lobe. The physicist then referred her to Dr. Jonathan Rasouli. While addressing the press Dr. Rasouli said that he and his team members suggested Palma that she should undergo a biopsy test.

During a press event, Palma said that the doctors told her that she’s suffering from malignant tumor in her brain which requires chemotherapy once the surgery gets concluded. When the team of doctors performed operation on Rachel Palma’s brain then they found ovoid shaped encapsulation.

Team of doctors operated at the encapsulation, under a microscope and they found a pork tapeworm. Doctors stated that people who eat contaminated food generally suffer from such disease. At present, Rachel Palma is leading a healthy life with her family and her hallucinations have stopped altogether.