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Leap Motion Supposedly Acquired By UltraHaptics For $30 Million

Leap Motion, the AR/VR startup, has been acquired by a rival business dubbed UltraHaptics, as per media reports. The cost for the firm was supposedly almost $30 Million. It was stated to be capitalized at 10 times as much in 2013.

Leap Motion, which was established in 2010, designed sensors to trace hand movements for VR employment. On the other hand, it had middling feedbacks for a machine that let users to manage computers by moving their fingers. It also touted a reference design for low-priced AR headsets in 2018.

Apple tried 2 times to purchase it, with its second effort happening in 2018, as per media reports. UltraHaptics will gather up Leap Motion’s patents and employees, although Michael Buckwald (co-founder and CEO) is not staying on. UltraHaptics had been approving tech by Leap Motion for the past 6 Years for its own devices, which mirrors touch sensations in the air with the help of sound waves. That tech is being employed for hands-free controls using haptic feedback in smart home products and car infotainment systems amongst others.

Speaking of acquirement, HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) earlier declared that it is investing $1.3 Billion to purchase Cray, the supercomputer manufacturer. HPE will immediately turn out to be a massive presence in the world of federal government and academia, where Cray has plethora of significant deals. It will also allow HPE to begin selling supercomputer parts to corporate customers and others.

The Seattle-located Cray might not be a household brand but the firm has turned out to be an important cog in the world of processing data. The firm is presently operating on a US government-supported project with AMD to develop the first exascale supercomputer in the world at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as per the media reports.