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New Study Challenges The Healthiness Of White Meat

White meat could be a harmful food for your cholesterol levels just like the red meat and this fact is stated according to a new research conducted. The study has firmly countered a popular view for white meat that it is very healthy for human body and also is healthier than red meat.

The research is conducted by specialized team of researchers in which Dr. Ronald Krauss is the Senior Author of the team who is Director at Atherosclerosis Research of Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute, California.

The researchers of this new study stated that they found this link from a number of observations and researches. They also mentioned that this study is based on the connection of red meat and cholesterol but the research conducted and its facts have not got much attention yet.

The team of Dr., Krauss researched that how meat intake at different levels will affect the lipoproteins and lipid levels in a human body which may cause the deposits of fat on the arteries. The paper from the research was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The research was conducted on two groups which consisted of healthy women and men, evenly. The two groups were divided on the basis whether people who ate higher levels of saturated fatty acids or lower.  The people of both the groups were randomly assigned the diet of red meat, white meat and nonmeat protein. All of these people were from 21 to 65 years and had BMI between 20 – 35kgs while the diet they were assigned to was continued for four weeks.

The researchers measured the LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol which is also known as Bad Cholesterol, LDL particles both medium and small and also Good Cholesterol i.e. HDL (High density cholesterol) after the research.

Dr. Krauss concluded that when they conducted this research they were expecting that red meat would show adverse effects but everyone was surprised by the actual results. He added that the effects of red and white meat are similar when saturated fat levels are also same.