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Snapchat Workers Allegedly Snooped On Consumers With SnapLion Tool

A surprising media report discloses that workers all over several divisions at Snapchat can see saved Snaps, user location data, email address, and phone numbers via a tool dubbed as SnapLion. It is not clear precisely how extensive abuse of the tool is; an ex- worker of Snapchat quoted in the report claimed that data access abuse took place a “couple of times” at the firm.

In total, media spoke to 4 ex-employees and a present worker that confirmed the presence of the SnapLion tool. Two ex-employees claimed that the abuse of the tool took place “various years” back, but it is unknown whether it is still taking place. Emails obtained by media disclosed a worker employing the tool to look-up a consumer email ID in a non-law enforcement associated context. Snapchat did not instantly answer to a request from media for interview.

What highlights in the case of Snapchat is how simply workers all over various divisions were capable of using the SnapLion tool for internal, unrelated reasons, such as handling abuse and spam on the website. But such an internal tool is not exclusive to Snapchat, neither is abuse of private info by workers. Facebook fired an employee previous year for employing personal info to stalk females.

On a related note, Snapchat has removed account for Naughty America and suspended the X-rated AR lenses it launched earlier. On the other hand, the porn studio is not backing down silently, as it is distributing the directions and source files for the lenses, and motivating fans to develop their own editions.

Naughty America made the lenses to increase subscriptions to its series of websites. They brought some actors to Snapchat’s camera and allowed individuals in their own environments to place virtual porn stars. This was confirmed by media reports and insiders.