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Malaysia To Return 3,300 Tons Of Waste In Different Countries

Malaysia promised to return 3,300 tons of plastic waste to nations comprising the United States, which allegedly turned out not illegal recyclable waste after the ban on Chinese cargo ships that send their waste to neighboring countries in their neighborhoods.

The Environment Minister, Yeo Bee Yin stated that 10 containers non-recyclable plastic garbage must be returned in 2 Weeks to different nations that smuggled to processing facilities illegally in China. Yeo said that a total of 60 containers will be returned to the country of origin.

These items include British cables, boxes of contaminated milk from Australia and Bangladesh compact discs, as well as electronic and household waste bales from the United States, Japan Canada, China, and Saudi Arabia.

Malaysia announced earlier this month that the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte had threatened to bring dozens of garbage containers to Canada, who missed the deadline of May 15, Duterte to recover the waste.

Catherine McKenna, Canadian Environment Minister said the government had signed a contract with French transport giant Bollore Logistics Canada to return the 69 waste and junk containers from here to Canada.

The Philippines, however, discarded Canada’s plan. Salvador Panelo, President’s spokesman said on Wednesday the government would continue to seek a private shipping company to quickly transport the waste to Canada.

Yeo also stated this quantity is just the tip of the iceberg owing to plastic waste ban by China. “We can’t be oppressed by the developed countries, though we are a small nation. We will brawl back and won’t let Malaysia turn dumping ground,” she added.

Plastic waste has already been a problematic concern for the nations owing to the growing quantity of waste and lack of processing facilities. China trade dispute has also impacted on the plastic processing works.