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Russia’s TV Talent Show Results Fixed To Hand Victory To Millionaire’s Daughter

The credibility of reality talent shows has been questioned now and again with many claiming that the voting system is rigged. It seems like the allegations might have been true after all as the result of the finals of The Voice Kids was withheld after it was found out that there were thousands of fraudulent votes directed towards the young daughter of a millionaire which resulted in her victory.

Mikella Abramova, 10 years old daughter of Alsou, a famous pop singer and Yan Abramov, a billionaire businessman is the child in question here as she won the show by a whopping margin of 56.5% after which complaints were lodged against the system. Group-1B, a renowned security agency was given the responsibility to investigate the whole situation and their preliminary reports revealed that there was indeed a breach in fair play as some form of cheating was involved. Channel One, which is a state-owned channel, said that they will work harder to ensure that the system is fair while the children participating in the finals will be made to perform in a special show that will be organized exclusively for them.

The scam in the voting took place on 26th April and Channel One claims that this is the first time that such an incident took place and it will also be the last. The Voice Kids is basically a spinoff from the highly popular franchise called by the same name. Channel One also wants to make sure that none of this affects children in any way as they were welcomed into the Voice family with open arms.

As per the investigations conducted, 300 phones were used to send messages in favor of the winner. Automated bots cast votes almost 30,000 times from numbers which were present in a sequential form which also ensured that malpractice was prevalent. Thus, a new mechanism for voting is definitely required and Channel One is working hard to achieve that.