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Starlink Satellite Launch Delayed Yet Again—Report

Private rocket firm SpaceX owned by Elon Musk has postponed its scheduled flight for launch of satellites that will be part of its Starlink satellite based internet service consortium, due to strong winds in the atmosphere.  A post on the firm’s twitter handle states that the scheduled flight of Thursday was postponed due to strong winds and the company would check the readiness of its systems before attempting another flight next week. The end goal of Mr. Musk is to one day send people to Mars on rockets for short trips which is will be a very expensive experiment.

Though SpaceX has seen many successes it is still a small firm with thin profit margins and is trying to make money by offering payload spaces to others on its rocket launches. To earn sufficient funds that will help to finance its ambitious interplanetary missions the firm is hoping that Starlink Satellites will provide revenue as when the constellation is ready within a few years it will provide high speed internet to people across the globe. Mr. Musk stated that Starlink will provide internet to people in the most remote areas of the world where it is very expensive and sometimes unreliable.

Though rockets of SpaceX have ferried payloads for NASA and other private and government agencies this time its Falcon 9 rocket will carry 60 identical satellites that will part of the consortium, pictures of these satellites were posted by Mr. Musk on social media. Last year two prototype satellites were launched by Space X named Tintin A and Tintin B. The payload this time is going to be the heaviest and the combined weight of 60 satellites is about 30000 pounds. Mr. Musk stated that these satellites would be able to relay information by bouncing data off the ground stations as they lack lasers that would otherwise have allowed them to relay details to each other.