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The Nuclear Power Industry Derailed By 3 Accidents

In the middle of 1950s, when nuclear power was commercialized for the first time, it was viewed as an ideal solution by many for the electricity needs of an increasing worldwide population. Under normal operations, without creating any straight atmospheric releases, 2-3 million times of electricity can be produced by a single pound of uranium-235 as compare to a single pound of oil or coal. But the enthusiasm for nuclear power was then seriously damaged by a couple of accidents in the years 1970 and 1980. In the year 1979, accident of The Three Mile Island occurred in Pennsylvania still remains one of the most solemn nuclear power accidents in the history of United States.

As a consequence of this accident, there weren’t any injuries, but during the accident there was a minor release of radioactive material. Therefore, succeeding the accident of The Three Mile Island, increasing obstruction to nuclear power started to seem in the United States. A high degree of fear is possessed by people when it comes to radiation. Especially, a nuclear power plant releasing radioactivity raids terror in several. So, risk of cancer from radiation is explained with an analogy. A single dosage of radiation can possibly grow cancer after being visible to.

Radiation interacts directly by means of the DNA in human bodies to origin it to breakdowns and ultimately lead to cancer. In many cases, a lot of people possess irrational terror of radiation. They know it might probably cause cancer even if they do not see it. Accident of The Three Mile Island was a small event as compared to what was going to come up next. Previous week, a new series covering the events nearby the nuclear tragedy of 1986 Chernobyl was debuted by HBO. Nothing like that has ever seen before, and several have claimed that an accident of this measure was terrible and impossible.