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Airbus’s Space Vision Includes Re-Programmable Satellites

When you think of satellite changing colors in the orbits itself, it sounds like something straight from a science fiction movie. However, it seems like Airbus has been successful in developing one of the most advanced satellites called the ‘Chameleon satellite’.

The satellite is assembled and built in the facility of the company in Guilford. Although the exterior of the aircraft is as robust and sturdy, it has been built in such a way that it can be completely reprogrammable in space. These satellites have been mainly on the traditional side which makes it more rigid in the telecom industry. However, using the Chameleon satellite, multiple geographic areas in the world can be scanned at one go and the approach will be completely software-driven. It could be possible that these satellites are going to be the next stepping stone as the industry has been trying hard to build something along the same lines for a long period of time.

By reprogrammable satellite, it is understood that they can undergo changes in the coverage capacity of the satellite, the power, frequency and the position in the orbit. The flexibility is going to ensure that the requirements of the customers are met more reasonable and it is going to bring in more and more revenues and eventually profit. With the help of this satellite, any particular area can be served and a customer doesn’t need to pay multiple times on different satellites in different areas. Thus, it will be highly beneficial for the business of the companies who decide to employ the use of these Chameleon satellites.

It’s been quite a while since the announcement of such a satellite was made and it is expected to be launched soon from the Spaceport in French Guyana by the end of the second half of the year.