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Ex-Apple Techies Create Smart Cam To Identify Flaws In Gadgets

Prior to launching high-end, high-tech gadgets, reputed names in the consumer electronics industry generally get teams of their engineers to China. There they spend weeks in factories located in remote locations, finding out various manufacturing problems. This is to make sure that their new product does not turn out to be a technological mess.

A former engineer of Apple and co-founder of Instrumental, Anna Shedletsky said that this technique is called Design Process as no company can perfect a product the first time they build it.

She and her ex-colleague in Apple, Sam Weiss jointly founded a new company, Instrumental, after which Sam Weiss had been in China for months as well, for troubleshooting the products of Apple before they were put up for sale in the stands officially.

The now 4-yearold company comes up with a camera system for the assembly lines. They then pair it with a software system, which uses machine-learning techniques for detecting defects before mass production starts.

One of the top clients of Instrumental has been Motorola, which is a subsidiary of Lenovo. It has been using cameras produced by Instrumental since 2018 for making its smartphones. Instrumental‘s camera system has been a huge cost saver for companies.

As Kevin Zurawski, the senior manufacturing manager of Motorola said, instead of sending so many engineers to China, which required a huge expense, they can keep an eye from a distance of thousands of miles, right from their desks on the assembly data of every single unit.

There are numerous instances when even minor problems had led to bigger fiascos and this has happened in reputed brands including the likes of Samsung Note 7, which had an issue with its battery. The problem even led to the gadget catching fire.

Hence, Design Process is an excellent way to get rid of these glitches.