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Mumps Cases See A Marked Jump In The Month Of April

As per latest figures released by Center for Disease Control and Prevention released on 26th April, there have been 736 confirmed cases of mumps across United States this year. This represents shocking increase of 310 cases since last month as till end of March this year there were just 426 cases. These new cases have been witnessed in 31 states along with District of Columbia. The sad issue about this situation is that these cases could have been prevented by vaccination and it is a highly communicable virus that can spread by breathing the same air as an infected person or using same cups and utensils.

Outbreaks of mumps tend to occur among people that have close contact with each other like school/college and sports complex. The symptoms of mumps appear within a couple of weeks after the virus enters the body and is symptomized by fever, muscle aches, tiredness and swelling of glands under the ears. The best prevention for mumps is one time vaccination with MMR (measles, rubella and mumps) that is 88 % effective after 2 doses. As per the CDC website before vaccination program of children began in 1967 in United States there were nearly 186000 cases every year.

The website says that this figure is mostly likely to much higher due to underreporting as it does not have details of remote villages. After the introduction of 2 MMR dose during 1989 these three diseases started witnessing rapid decline and in within a few years’ mumps cases decreased by nearly 99 % with just a few hundred cases reported. But this situation changed since 2006 when there several new cases were reported and since then there have been outbreaks every five years of both mumps and measles. Health department officials and entire nation got a shock last year when it was reported that nearly 2000 cases of mumps were reported by CDC.