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Microsoft Embraces Open Source For Cloud Growth

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft announced to the audience at the Build Conference held at Seattle that Microsoft is open. Satya Nadella’s approach is a bit different considering the former CEOs – Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Under them, Microsoft had displayed a strong and aggressive competence against open source technologies. The patent royalties were a source of revenue to Microsoft.

Under him, Microsoft has given a higher priority to the Azure public cloud. This has marked the beginning in the change of Microsoft’s attitude towards the open sources. Microsoft has realized the fact that software developers might not want to use only Microsoft services in their applications and to build other applications. This realistic approach of Microsoft has made it less headstrong and doesn’t mind it being a second option for its proprietary technologies, as long as these developers use the cloud.

Microsoft even went a step further by purchasing GitHub, which is the most common place where thousands of downloads and contribution to open source software takes place through people. Considering the posting of codes, Microsoft has attained a higher ranking on GitHub. There is a possibility that this attempt will make users more inclined towards Azure for new applications. The business of some of the well-known apps like Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft are held by AWS. This new attitude of Microsoft equipped with flexibility can greatly benefit the company by getting more of new start-ups; an addition to Microsoft’s picks up businesses i.e. the selling of large companies.

This commitment to openness has more to it. GitHub will make Election Guard software development kit available on it. This kit is known to make election results transparent. The ONNX open source software lets people take AI model trained with one and deployed by another framework. The open source chromium technology is the newest core of the edge browser introduced. Nadella also plans to make Cortana accessible from Alexa through the ‘open assistant future.’