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Study Suggests Coal Can Prevent Certain Medical Conditions

With internal injuries, leading to heart attacks and tissue damage, as well as stroke – studying about these injuries became an immediate concern. Results showed that imbalance in body’s autonomous functions make for the prolonged effects of severe stressful injuries. The disproportion of free radical-antioxidants in the body is a primary factor.

Antioxidant therapy, although not thoroughly backed by researchers as an effective mean, is seen to succeed at such incidents. Antioxidant property of coal, transfused into quantum dots becomes an effective solution to the mentioned problem.

Although previous practices showed promising results, coal became an economic alternative to the earlier methods.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) clubbed with quantum dots from coal particles showed remarkable results.

The reactive oxygen species (ROS) normally turn natural antioxidants ineffective, which brings the need to find a better alternative to these natural substances. Quantum dots driven from coal mixed with the PEG became is the latest and the most effective solution till date.

A number of experiments run on cell extracted off rodents showed exactly how well the compound works in reducing ROS. The experiment saw positive results even after artificially inducing more stress.

James Tour from Rice University observed that bituminous quantum dots are highly effective on living beings against anthracite dots.

Certainly a more thorough understanding of the substance needs to be made before it can be readily made available to the mass. However, this does not dismay the remarkable discovery that it is in the face of modern adversities.

WHO enlisted stroke as one of the top causes of death, making advances in this section of more urgent. Furthermore, the previous practice of including nanoparticles was way more expensive against quantum-dots. Not only is the process easier, but is also economic, says Tour. New methods and advances during this synthesizing have opened up a lot of scope for study and research.