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Price Of Neurological Medicines Soars 20 Times As Compared To 2004

The number of people suffering from neurological problems has been on the rise and so has the price of the medicines for its treatment. In fact, over the past 12 years itself, the out-of-pocket spending for this condition have escalated so much that doctors are resorting to gathering more information about the different drug prices so that the patient is not overburdened financially.

If you take the example of multiple sclerosis, the cost of the medications for it has risen significantly than what it used to be in 2004, with some pointing out that the extrapolation is more than 20 times. According to Dr. Brian C. Callaghan, a professor of neurology at Michigan University, the situation has become so bad that a doctor should be able to understand the financial condition of a patient before prescribing medications and also be aware of the different medicines available at different prices. Both of it is not being done at this moment.

The rise in out-of-pocket costs has caused the whole situation to worsen, Dr. Callaghan believes. Till a few years ago, most of the charges were through co-pay and a patient had to spend almost nothing to avail of the medicines. What this harrowing situation brings in is the fact that a patient may not take the prescribed dosage as the costs of the medications are too high and the outcome from the neurological conditions will become worse.

The researchers are making this claim about exorbitant costs based on the database collected for 912000 patients in America itself who are suffering from a variety of neurological conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, neuropathies etcetera. The condition is even more frightening for people with deductible plans as they tend to spend more from their side. Another factor that has led to this significant rise in costs is the increased pricing of the medications itself. All of it together has resulted in a deplorable situation which needs to be addressed soon.