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Music Can Help ADHD Patients Focus Better—Recent Study

Music is something that is enjoyed by most people and is known to have a lot of positive effects on the mental health of a person. The timing and rhythm associated with music can be useful for patients suffering from ADHD as they have difficulty in tracking these two aspects majorly. Music also stimulates the release of the feel-good hormone, dopamine from the brain. This is significant because of the fact that most of the symptoms seen in ADHD are due to lower levels of dopamine being released.

A specific type of music can be more helpful than the others as concentration can be improved by it. This primarily includes music with a low to medium tempo whose rhythm can be followed easily and has a soothing effect. A number of classical composers like Bach, Mozart, and Vivaldi specialized in creating this kind of music. A lot of their numbers are available online and can be used for the benefit.

White noise is another aspect that is being looked at for ADHD patients. It is basically a steady noise in the background and can improve concentration considerably, in contrast to the effects associated with loud and sudden types of sound. In fact, a study was conducted in 2007 to judge the cognitive ability of children suffering from ADHD and listening to white noise. The ones who were subjected to it performed way better than the ones that were not which gave the same wings to the speculations about the relationship.

A similar experiment was performed on ADHD patients who were on medications for stimulation. They did benefit from white noise here as well but what is more encouraging is the fact that even the ones who were not on any medications benefitted from white noise considerably cementing its position as a potentially beneficial situation for ADHD patients.