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Computer Now Be Able To Read Thoughts And Transform Into Speech

Technological advancement went one step higher when a team of scientists from the University of California revealed that they had figured out a way to decode a person’s thought using a brain implant and replay the entire thing through a speaker in a computer. The study was mainly aimed at helping stroke victims who lost their voice in the attack.

The concept behind this amazing discovery is the fact that even though a person is unable to articulate words because of a disease or a condition, the muscles still sent signals to the brain to form it. The muscles were simply not able to coordinate with the brain and produce the desired movements. The main part of the mission for the scientists was to figure out these brain signals and decode these pulses and where they came from either the jaw or the larynx or the lips or even the tongue.

Once that was done, the next challenging part was to create a virtual vocal cord and muscles inside a computer. These brain signals were then used to stimulate the virtual arrangement and it resulted in the production of words as well as sentences with the exception of sounds like ‘by and ‘p’.

This device could actually prove to be beneficial for a number of patients like the ones suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, brain stroke, ALS, multiple sclerosis etcetera. Even a great scientist like Professor Stephen Hawking had to resort to an infrared sensor on his glasses to articulate his thoughts into speech but it took an awfully long time.

This breakthrough device could be the answer to real-time virtual speech for people who lose their voice prematurely and it is a perfect example of using technology for the benefit of mankind. What it does is open the doors for more research and create a device which is more refined in understanding speech and language, so that the process becomes even more useful.