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Netflix Movies Can Make It To The Oscars As Key Criteria Remain Unaltered

The film body board has claimed that the movies from platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix can still stand eligible for the Oscars. The Academy voted for a key eligibility rule to remain unaltered.  For a film to be considered as eligible for the Oscars is that it should have a theatrical run of at least 7 days in the theaters of Los Angeles is what has been announced by The Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences.  Once the movie has had a theatrical run, it can then be allowed to stream online, either on the day of or after the theatrical run. It will be then eligible for the coveted award.

The Academy’s President, John Bailey has addressed in a statement that streaming in the theaters is inherent for the reputation of the art and motion pictures. The rule marks the significance of theatrical exhibition along with the selection of the films that ought to be submitted for the Oscars.  The changes evolving in the industry would be studied further and discussed with the members, the President further added.

The Spanish language film “Roma” had echoed the Oscars coming out straight from the bag of Netflix winning its nomination scores for the best picture. Apart from the former, the Green Book has bagged the prize despite which there were boiling conversation about Netflix occupying its space in the Oscars as Steven Spielberg who wanted to turn tables by the exclusion of Netflix from the dictionary of Oscars.

A warning from the U.S Department of Justice was given to the academy for excluding Netflix from Oscars. Netflix has made a dramatic entry into the Hollywood is which on one hand has been facing fierce competition from Disney and Apple along with the criticism, even as Netflix is investing massive sums of money into original content.