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Alphabet’s Wing Receives FAA Approval For US

Alphabet’s Wing received the Air Carrier Certification from the FAA allowing them to provide state-to-state as well as overseas transportation. Wing is an initiative of Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google. They have become the first ever drone delivery company to receive FAA approval.

Elaine Chao, the Secretary of Transportation said that this has become a major step in the integration and safe testing of drones into the economy. He further said that as the technology continues its development and accomplishes its complete potential, safety will always be their first priority. In order to get the approval from FAA, Wing had to submit evidences that their operation was safe. It also demonstrated how a delivery from a Wing was a low risk to pedestrians as compared to that of a car.

Wing’s electric drones have already been successful in making 70,000 test flights and have also made deliveries above 3000 in Australia. Wing had said that in the next couple of months they would get in touch with the residents and the businesses in Virginia. Through this their aim is to demonstrate their technology and to provide answers to the questions. A commercial delivery was provided by them in Canberra in April. Wing said that their service will allow the users to place orders for fresh food, coffee and over-the-counter pharmaceutical items with the use of a mobile application. Once the user places an order, the delivery would be made by the drone in minutes.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia has said that Wing was able to successfully convince them that their operation met the required safety. It said that as part of the application, they had submitted a safety case which contained information about the reliability of their drones. CASA said that they have assessed the safety aspect of the drones and have granted them permission to operate in regions over North Canberra and also in close proximity to people than their regulations normally permitted.