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380Boosting Muscle Power Likely To Be The Key To Long Life

A recent research conducted by Brazil scientists found link between muscle power and long life. Muscle power, which is not the same as muscle strength can add years to your lifespan, the scientists revealed.
Explaining the difference, Claudio Gil Araujo, who is a researcher and the Research and Education Director at Clinimex, in Brazil, said that climbing stairs is different than lifting or holding weights. While climbing will need muscle power, the later needs muscle strength. Their study showed that people with greater muscle power had lived longer.
The study comprised on 3900 adults in the age group of 41 years to 85 years, and an average 59 years of age. Muscle power of this group was analyzed.
The group was followed up for 6.5 years. During this period, 10% men and 6% women in the group passed away. It was observed that participants with higher muscle power than the average within their gender showed best rates for survival, while those with lowest muscle power had 10 to 13 times higher risk of death, which those who showed second lowest muscle power were 4 to 5 times more likely to die within the study period.
The study is going to be presented in ESC (European Society of Cardiology) meeting to be held in Lisbon, Portugal. The research would deemed to be preliminary unless it gets published in a journal reviewed by the peers.
Araujo further stated that while the correlation between muscle power and death is quite substantial, one only needs to be above the median for their gender to have better survival rate. One doesn’t need to have the most powerful muscles to live longer!
For optimizing muscle power, one needs to add speed to the weight lifts and not just focus on increasing the amount of weight that you would be lifting.