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Israeli Spacecraft, Beresheet Has Started Maneuvering For Its Landing

Recently, Israeli spacecraft, Beresheet has successfully completed its first of a sequence of maneuvers to decrease and achieve smaller orbits around the Earth’s moon afore trying to touch down the surface on April 11 in the Sea of Serenity. All the engines of Beresheet’s were recently turned on for almost 271 seconds and it has burned 120 pounds of the stored fuel it has left.

The operation has abridged the Beresheet’s utmost distance from the moon from 6460 miles to just 465 miles. The nearby spot in its orbit has persisted 285 miles from the surface of the moon. The team will implement numerous additional maneuvers to turn the spacecraft present elliptic orbit into a circular orbit before going for the touchdown. Recently, the spacecraft’s engineers have performed the most difficult maneuver yet which was an impeccably arranged space hop which lets the spacecraft of about a car-sized to jump from an orbit around our planet to one around the Earth’s moon. The event has made Israel one of the seven countries in the world to do so.

In order to make Beresheet to successfully go into an orbit around the Earth’s moon, the spacecraft required to decrease its speed from 8,500 kilometers per hour to 7,500 kilometers per hour. Even though it still appears quick to mere humans and as per the engineers, it is just like smashing on the brakes. The team has achieved this by rotating Beresheet in such a way that the engines thrust in the different direction and this thus helped to slow down the speed of the spacecraft. The operation took around nine minutes for its eight different engines to gradually maneuver the spacecraft in the right direction, and a little less than six minutes for the engines to slow the Beresheet down to the right speed. The countries that have made visits to the earth’s moon are the United States, India, Japan, Russia, China, and the European Space Agency.