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Japan Again Arrested Carlos Ghosn, Ex Head Of Nissan

Recently, Carlos Ghosn was arrested by Japanese prosecutors on suspicion the former boss of Nissan had tried to enrich himself at the expense of the automaker, in another dramatic twist, which was a try to muzzle him said this attorney. On the arrest, the legal experts described that,, which are not associated with the case, this is as highly rare for somebody already released on bail, marks the 4th time that the once-feted executive have been arrested by the prosecutors, the global auto industry has been rocked by a scandal and a harsh light has been shed on the judicial system of Japan.

Nissan Motor Co had caused losses in five million dollars because of Ghosn over a two and half period to the month of July 2018, in opening of the company’s legal duties and along with the aim of individual gain, said prosecutors from Tokyo. It was reported by the Kyodo news agency that; the shifting of funds was involved in the losses through a trader from Oman to the account of a firm Ghosn efficiently possessed. No sources were cited by the agency. In an interview aired recently, Ghosn said that, he is Innocent.

It wasn’t clear whether the interview was recorded or not. Ghosn must have the presumption of innocence and was getting consular protection, said finance minister of France. Junichiro Hironaka, lead lawyer of Ghosn said that, prosecutors desired to quiet Ghosn, who recently tweeted plans to hold his 1st media conference, which is going to happen on April 11. Hironaka said that, the main goal of the prosecutors is to burden Ghosn, and to stopover him from speaking easily. He even added that, the purpose behind the newest arrest was access to what was seen by them as extra evidence. Notebooks, documents, diaries and mobile phone of Ghosn was confiscated by prosecutors along with mobile phone and passport of Ghosn’s wife.