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China Will Need A Decade To Take On Airbus, Boeing Says Dassault CEO

As per a veteran from the industry, China is likely to need more than the next ten years to construct a homegrown, globally competitive airplane maker. Its aim will be to take on big names such as Airbus and Boeing. Currently, aerospace is an extremely complicated industry, according to Bernard Charles. He’s the CEO and vice chairman at Dassault Systèmes. He further said that it is a lengthy process, even when it comes to well-established firms, for accumulating knowledge and proper skills to construct reliable commercial aircrafts. Charles talked about China still being 1-2 generations airplanes away from having a completely globally competitive product. In fact, it seems to be a justified evolution if one considers the country’s market size.

Dassault Systèmes deals in selling software to makers of planes. This software helps them in digitalizing their businesses. Currently, the vision is to embrace more technology and inject it into day-to-day operations. This can help these manufacturers to bring down jet costs, utilize resources efficiently and rev up production for meeting demands.

Currently, Boeing from the U.S. and European maker of planes Airbus are dominating the aircraft production space. Apart from these two, there are some relatively small players such as Embraer from Brazil and Bombardier from Canada.

Beijing, on its part, plans to join in the race with China’s state-owned Corporation of Commercial Aircrafts, also known as Comac, which is Shanghai-based. This has the potential to diminish the dependency of the country on Airbus and Boeing.

As of now, Comac has 2 jets of narrpw-body, the C919 and the ARJ21. It also has a wide-bodied plane called the C929 which are involved in different stages of development and production. Back in 2015, Comac had said to have provided first-ever ARJ21 jet. They had delivered it to a low-cost domestic carrier. It is first jet of C919 type has an expected delivery date of 2021 and is going through flight tests right now.