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Public Health Decides On Banning Idling Cars Near Schools

Currently, the Public Health England (PHE) has demanded that the cars be banned from moving around the schools so as to control the pollution in those areas. The cutting down in the level of pollution in the areas like the hospitals and schools can help keep a number of individuals healthy and safe. The PHE is working towards designing new measures such as halting the cars from idling the school gates and instead promote more of carpool lanes by focusing on encouraging the use of electric cars by providing more of electric car parking. The government and the health officials are working towards imposing congestion charges in the entire nation so as to curb the pollution rate.

According to Professor Paul Cosford the director for health protection and medical director of PHE, there are about 35,000 to 40,000 people dying every year due to the dreadful impacts of air pollution. There are many technologies that are available for people to use so as to reduce the effect of pollution. The new techniques can help control the pollution emission as well so as to save future generations. The reason for taking such a drastic measure is to save the children, our future generation, from the harmful effects of air pollution.

The school areas must be kept clean and the students must be encouraged to use bicycles or walk up to the schools so as to save the environment from the pollution impacts. The researchers are currently trying to develop techniques that can reduce the emission rate and save the atmosphere and water from getting polluted. Recently, researchers from the University of Texas have created solar-powered equipment that accumulates the moisture from the atmosphere and through a calculated process turns it into clean water. The current new technology has been designed by scientists to create super sponges with hydrogel and gel-polymer hybrid resources with goal obtaining an enormous amount of water.