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Microsoft Teams Receives New Conference Call Features

Microsoft is rejoicing the 2nd birthday of its Microsoft Teams release with some striking new functions to rival Slack. The software manufacturer now has over 500,000 agencies employing Microsoft Teams, comprising 91 of the Fortune 100. That is probably owing to the fact that the firm packs Teams with its subscriptions for Office 365, making it an attractive option for companies that already pay for the Office suite of applications.

Yet, Microsoft Teams is developing and at the same time vying Slack. The firm is now including some exclusive functions to enhance meetings on the platform. After including background blur last month to Skype, Microsoft is working on adding the feature in Microsoft Teams to include tailored backgrounds. This allows you join a video call and make believe you are at the beach, in an office, or wherever you wish actually. The tailored backgrounds feature will be accessible later in 2019, and it will work with any picture that you wish to employ.

On a related note, earlier in July 2018, after Microsoft made Teams free in 40 languages, its main competitor Slack declared to purchase HipChat (the workplace chat service) from Atlassian, the enterprise software behemoth. HipChat will stop operating and all of its consumers will shift over to Slack.

“As fraction of this joint venture, Atlassian has made an equity investment in Slack, which has purchased the IP (intellectual property) for HipChat Cloud and Stride. Both services will be discontinued,” claimed Vice President at Atlassian for Product Management, Joff Redfern, to the media in an interview.

The Slack acquirement covers only the IP rights to both chat platforms. “We will also be ending HipChat Data Center and HipChat Server. We will work with Slack to offer a migration path for users of all 4 services,” he claimed. More than 2,600 workers from Atlassian will now employ Slack.