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Facebook Removes Almost 1.5 Million Videos Of New Zealand Mass Shooting

In the initial 24 hours following the deadly mass shooting in New Zealand, Facebook stated that it has eliminated almost 1.5 Million videos, which were uploaded of the attack. Of them, about 1.2 Million were “at upload.” The firm announced in a Tweet, following up on a previous announcement that it had been informed by authorities.

The firm added that it has taken out the supposed shooter’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Mia Garlick, Spokeswoman, Facebook, says that the firm is also taking out all edited versions of the video that do not demonstrate graphic content. The terror attack seems to have been intended to go viral, with the supposed shooter disclosing a manifesto that referenced many people such as YouTuber Candace Owens and Felix Kjellberg. It as well included white supremacist conspiracy theories. Additionally, he posted a video on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. This made the message to go further viral, even if all of those firms have worked to stop its spread.

On a similar note, the most horrible week in Facebook’s history demonstrated no signs of letting it up this week, with new allegations in the Observer of an executive-level conspiracy of Cambridge Analytica’s data harvesting. The bottom line of the charges, portrayed by the newspaper as “explosive”, is that one Facebook board member (at least) knew the exact and ongoing purpose of the controversial data harvesting approximately 2 Years before the firm claimed to have learned the facts from the press.

Separately, last week, Aleksandr Kogan, the academic behind the plan, took legal action against the social media giant for denouncement. The allegations also included using him as a scapegoat and faking ignorance when the firm was aware of incidents all along. As per NBC News, Kogan had been waiting for inquiries by the Security and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Election Commission of the Cambridge Analytica scam to conclude before filing.