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Epic Games Store To Add Achievements And Cloud Saves

Do not worry if you think that the Epic Games Store’s functions are ragged currently. There is a good chance the functions you like are in the process. Epic has posted a public pipeline for its service, and you can expect a gradual stream of inclusions. Most notably, it is expecting to include cloud saves shortly, with offline mode updates projected ahead in the queue. Things might get rosier after that, with wish lists, consumer reviews, in-game overlays, and mod support expected in the coming 4–6 Months.

The developer also hopes to launch revamped social features, gifting, achievements, and an Android store in the time to come. And in case you are wondering, Epic expects to evade the pitfalls related with user reviews. Reviews will be turned off by default, possibly restricting the impacts of review bombing. As is often the case with pipelines, there is no guarantee everything will come in a timely order or at all. On the other hand, the summary makes obvious the firm’s goal for the 2020.

On a related note, Epic Games has ended plugging pre-roll ads for Fortnite on YouTube videos after a revelation that ads were playing on clips that predators employed to exploit kids. “We have stopped all pre-roll ads,” a spokesperson of Epic Games claimed to the media in an interview. “Via our ad agency, we have reached out to YouTube/Google to determine measures that they will take to remove this type of content from their platform.”

Pre-roll advertizing, which play prior to a video begins, for firms such as Google Chromebooks and Grammarly played on some of the clips that Matt Watson discovered for his original video that started the matter. Other firms with featured advertisements on videos, whose comments sections were crowded from predators and which starred kids, have also asked the firm to set right the situation.