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YouTube Creators Using Hilarious Ways To Deal With Copyright Policies

Twitch streamers and YouTube creators have been found to be carrying out terrible a capella covers of famous songs in hilarious ways to get around YouTube’s largely criticized copyright strike system. In the recent period, YouTube creators were pushed into copyright problems while creating TikTok reaction videos. In these videos, they gather cringey TikTok clips and either respond to or provide comments on them. However, those TikTok videos include music from artists signed to labels such as Warner and Sony. And those labels are supposed to issue copyright claims, stopping creators from monetizing their videos.

To work around this issue, creators such as Kurtis Conner and Danny Gonzalez have initiated to replace the music with their own singing. Conner and Gonzalez half-heartedly sing songs such as Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” and Linkin Park’s “In The End” while the related TikTok video plays on screen.

On a similar note, Google recently came into the news as it announced that YouTube Music, YouTube Premium, and YouTube Music Premium have all rolled out in India. The services join Google Play Movies and Google Play Music, which came to India in 2017.

By now, India uses a huge amount of music on YouTube. A 2018 Nielsen report states that YouTube is the country’s most favorite source for streaming music. Reportedly, T-Series, an Indian music label, just surpassed YouTube star PewDiePie as the most subscribed channel on the whole platform for the 3rd time, prior to dropping back to the 2nd place. By now, T-Series is said to be the most-watched YouTube channel worldwide, with a pooled 60 Billion views across all its uploaded videos. India’s present streaming revolution, the outcome of low-priced smartphones together with falling data rates, signifies that there are millions of novel internet users keen to stream music. At the same time, numerous firms also are eager to grow into India and grab a piece of the market.