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Google To Disclose Its Plan To Enter The $140 Billion Gaming Industry

Reportedly, Google is entering into gaming. The technology giant is admired for its Android operating system for smartphones and search engine now looks to take an attempt at reforming the $100+ Billion gaming industry presently dominated by occupants such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. As Google looks to expand its revenue sources further than digital ads, gaming offers a huge opportunity for the company. But Google seems poised to take a diverse approach when it offers its vision for the “prospect of gaming” during its GDC (Game Developers Conference) presentation held in San Francisco. That probably comprises a profitable version of its “Project Stream” service and its reported “Yeti” gaming cheer up.

Google’s streaming service can transform the model—of spending bucks, going to the store and buying a game disc or waiting for a large file to download—or by allowing users to stream top games to their devices, such as a smartphone, laptop or streaming box linked to a TV. Thomas Husson—Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst—told to CNBC, “Cloud gaming would enable publishers to widen their reach beyond by possibly taping into fresh audiences on any screen or device. Beyond video, music, gaming symbolizes another opportunity to provide recurring streaming revenues for firms in the gaming ecosystem.

Recently, Google was in news for denying working with China’s military after President Donald Trump’s criticism. Google refused “functioning with the Chinese military” following Trump openly criticized the tech giant company on Twitter. A spokesperson for Google said, “We are not functioning with China’s military. We are with the U.S. government, counting the Department of Defense, in several areas such as recruiting, cybersecurity, and healthcare.”